About Us

Our Story - At Petite Rouge we are made of the old world.  We have high quality herbals, teas, elderberry, options, tinctures, baths, infused honeys, and herbs. With the old world antique furnishing we supply this to support health for our patrons and friends. Faithfully we believe in what nature supplies is our providential way. Guiding our steps in growth since we began in 1998.


Our Location: 272 E M.L.K. Dr, Grand Coteau, LA 70541 - In the warm southern air of Louisiana full of life with bees, dragonflies, birds and butterflies, supporting our honey and tender herbs.  We work for love of the natural harmony in all persons and things.  Call of our beings and bodies and health that the plants provide to us.


We work for the natural health and harmony in all persons and things.  We have a great selection of vintage and antiques to pair along with the herbal side of our store.